Frost & Sullivan: APAC Physical Security Solution Vendors to Diversify and Customize Product Range

There has been a steady growth in the deployment of video surveillance and contactless biometric solutions across specific applications in the Asia Pacific. For instance, voice biometrics is becoming increasingly popular in a number of projects in the banking and healthcare verticals and is expected to become the key mode of client identification.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Asia Pacific Profiles of Local Industry Participants: Physical Security”, finds that the market has been promising for biometrics and video surveillance with many of the local vendors providing a range of services for these two technologies.

"Following the spurt in demand, numerous local vendors in the region have started to diversify their product portfolio and provide more custom-made solutions," said Navin Rajendra, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

To tap the vast Asia Pacific market further, participants have to address users' privacy concerns regarding auto identification. With the availability of cheaper alternatives such as swipe cards and keypad entry, many would rather wait till the prices of biometric systems drop before investing in the technology.

However, smaller form factors and technological advances that have indeed lowered the costs of the devices have resulted in numerous biometric and video surveillance devices being used for niche applications.

“Moreover, the enforcement of numerous national ID programs and security mandates across the region has made it imperative to implement the secure auto identification technologies that also have a demonstrable ROI,” Rajendra said. “Countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Japan are already leading the way in terms of mass surveillance and access control management through biometrics and video surveillance.”
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