Teleste Video Surveillance Helps Paris Police Carry out Law Enforcement

Teleste Video Surveillance Helps Paris Police Carry out Law Enforcement
Teleste has undersigned an agreement with INEO (GDF Suez Group) to provide a video surveillance system for Paris police organization (Paris Préfecture de Police). The implementation of the urban video protection system (public areas) will provide a decision tool to facilitate traffic management, maintenance of law and order, fight against crime, rescue operations and fight against terrorism.

The system includes active video networking equipment, recording infrastructure, software applications and the required elements for the proper operation and security of such a system, according to regulations related to video surveillance.

The system will manage directly more than 1,100 cameras within Paris territory, and will interconnect with other security networks across Paris metropolitan area, in total covering more than 10.000 cameras: railways, underground, city of Paris traffic control, large Parisian malls, etc. In addition, the system will include 260 workstations, 55 monitoring centers, 2500 operators, digital video storage for 30 days recordings and authentication of video evidential material.

Value of the order is more than US$ 9 millions, and it consists of design services, hardware and software licenses. The deliveries will take place in 2011 and 2012. In addition to the previously mentioned, the agreement includes maintenance services for duration of six years.
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