TagMaster RFID Vehicle System Descends at Peru International Airport

TagMaster RFID Vehicle System Descends at Peru International Airport
TagMaster, a producer of long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for automatic vehicle identification solutions, announced that Peru's largest airport, Jorge Chavez International Airport (JCIA) in Lima had selected TagMaster as the RFID solution provider for the airport. TagMaster's partner in the U.S., TagMaster North America has succeeded in ensuring that TagMaster's long-range RFID readers were selected, which are instrumental in providing enhanced security required by JCIA. The installation forms part of an integrated access and parking revenue control installation at the airport, supplied by partnering company Intellisoft Parking. The solution increases security by providing a hands-free automatic vehicle identification system at the Lima airport.

At JCIA, the airport catering concessionaires are billed for each vehicle's runway access based on the duration of stay in the aircraft area. The airport was challenged with improving collection of data to properly calculate vehicle duration in the aircraft area and accurately bill each catering company. The existing process required labor-intensive visual observation and hand calculation of each vehicle's entry and exit of the runway area which led to identification errors and long billing cycles while calculations were reviewed and verified.

JCIA is the largest airport in Peru serving nearly nine million passengers annually. TagMaster North America is an Intellisoft partner providing long-range RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification. Intellisoft was tasked with providing a solution for vehicle access control for catering concessionaires servicing the aircrafts. TagMaster's system encompasses long-range RFID readers and read/write RFID tags used to identify vehicles as they approach the entry/exit gates.
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