Axis Video Encoders Move Chinese Hydraulic Power Plants to IP

Axis Video Encoders Move Chinese Hydraulic Power Plants to IP
Located at western edge of the Sichuan Basin, the 144-km-long Baoxing River has a water energy reserve of 1.555-million kilowatt, and features 19 cascade power stations reaching an annual production of five-billion kilowatt per hour. Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation was looking for a solution to manage the cascade hydropower stations centrally from its head office, which would integrate with the existing IT infrastructure and fire alarm system.

Analog cameras were already installed at the power stations, which showed limitation in terms of integration and remote access possibilities. In order to protect existing analog investments while meeting the requirements for new capabilities, Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation decided to upgrade its analog surveillance system to IP using Axis Communications video encoders.

By integrating with the IP network and the fire alarm system, Axis video encoders have provided the company with centralized management of all surveillance points, thus enabling remote management and quick response to any incident that may happen in the hydropower stations. Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation can remotely monitor the power stations from any connected computer anytime, anywhere, and scale the system easily in the future.
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