Optelecom-NKF Facilitates Middle East Shopping Mall Video Transmission

One of the largest shopping malls in the Gulf region opened its doors to an array of visitors. Since then, customers and sightseers have flooded into the Bawadi Mall to shop and admire the natural lighting and spacious atmosphere that makes this elegant edifice unique.

Yet with dimensions of more than 861,000 square feet as well convenient access to the Al Ain City's main network of highways, designing and inaugurating the Bawadi Mall required being able to reliably and competently account for and protect the safety of all its callers. It was to this end that the systems integrator, Al-Futtaim Engineering, based in the U.A.E., was commissioned to implement a surveillance system.

Throughout the entire facility, the security system entails more than two hundred cameras, each of which streams various video, data and alarm contact closure channels over fiber cabling. Knowing that effectively transmitting the information coming from every camera was imperative to the success of the system, Al-Futtaim Engineering approached Optelecom-NKF.

Using its various fiber optic transmitters and receivers, Optelecom-NKF was able to provide a fully operational and efficient transmission solution for the Bawadi Mall.

“We worked closely with Optelecom-NKF to develop a very cost-effective solution for this project. A wide and comprehensive range of products from Optelecom-NKF helped us to design the required system architecture,” said Azeem Aziz, Sales Engineer for Al-Futtaim Engineering. “The high fidelity and quality of the equipment as well as the local sales support available in this region are satisfactory and we will consider the Optelecom-NKF product range for any requirement.”

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