HID Global Introduces TIP for Third-Party Product Developers

HID Global, a supplier of secure identity solutions, has engaged with strategic developers to license the company's trusted identity platform (TIP). The initiative extends technology licenses to qualified development partners to enable the building of trusted nodes for the TIP infrastructure.

HID's TIP is a secure identity delivery system that validates, registers and provides lifecycle management support for certified TIP nodes, be they door access readers, laptops, card printers, near field communications (NFC)-equipped mobile phones or other end points suitable for secure transactions. The company is in discussions with a variety of partners who will combine contactless smart-card solutions, NFC products and other widely deployed technologies to create products that use the TIP infrastructure in applications ranging from user authentication to cashless vending and PC log-on security.

“TIP is a protected system that we believe represents the future of access control for the deployment of secure identity,” said Tam Hulusi, Senior VP at HID Global. “Since TIP introduced, we have created a comprehensive developer's program and are now working with software and hardware partners to cultivate a broad ecosystem of TIP-enabled products. Users will be able to validate and register these products as trusted nodes that can securely receive applications, products and services at any time, which will extend the value proposition for users of HID's secure identity products.”

In an early example of TIP product development, HID announced that it was working with INSIDE Contactless to bring identity credentials to NFC mobile phones. Credentials for these NFC mobile phones will be securely delivered via HID's TIP system.

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