Manchester Airport Alarm and Intercom Systems Enhanced with Cortech Software

Manchester Airport Alarm and Intercom Systems Enhanced with Cortech Software
Manchester Airport has undertaken improvements to its alarm and intercom systems across its three Terminals. An integral part of this new system, which has been managed by Security Installer ES North, is an integrated software solution provided by Cortech Developments.

As the largest British-owned airport operator, the Manchester Airport Group (MAG) play a major role in UK aviation, contributing US$3.1 billion to the UK economy and supporting more than 130,000 jobs. More than 65 airlines offer direct flights to more than 180 destinations worldwide, connecting around 19 million passengers to every continent.

Based on Cortech's experience in the aviation sector, it implemented a software solution involving the phased integration of intercom and panic alarms, thereby limiting any disruption to the day-to-day operations of the airport.

The Cortech software provides intercom integration for lift emergency and service yard communications. Managing the intercoms through one integrated event based software solution has brought about an efficient and cost effective procedure for controlling the access for vehicles in some restricted areas of the Airport. All calls are logged with the intercom and General Alarm System, a process which is enhanced further with the integration of new vehicle logging software.

As part of the Airport's public space management, Datalog also integrates with numerous panic alarms for a wide range of passenger facing desks. The software provides a comprehensive system for alarm call management, enabling a fast and effective response to any events that occur.

Geoff Densham, Project Manager for Manchester Airport, said: “The Datalog software has enhanced our operational efficiency for handling alarms in key areas of the airport. This integration initiative has also created a cost effective single point of operation for our lift emergency, service yard intercoms and panic alarms within specific passenger areas. Importantly as a modular platform the software is scalable, enabling the airport to deploy the latest technology as part of its evolving requirements.”

Datalog provides a fully accountable and seamless process for managing alarms and events. All actions on the system are recorded, which is a very powerful tool in determining the sequence of events when any historical analysis is required.

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