Cisco Touts Surveillance and Access Control System at Russian High-tech Center

Cisco Touts Surveillance and Access Control System at Russian High-tech Center
Cisco announced that Selectel, one of the data center networks in Russia, has deployed a Cisco physical security solution providing integrated video surveillance and access control at the company's new data center in Moscow.

The new Selectel data center offers its customers a wide range of telecom services such as the collocation of servers and the leasing of physical and virtual dedicated servers. It occupies a space of more than 500 square meters. This is the first integrated physical security system project using Cisco equipment and software implemented by ARMO-LINE, a Cisco-certified partner in Russia. The project was delivered in four months and included the design, installation and integration of security systems and their commission.

With a total area of 500 square meters, the data center comprises a 300-square-meter server room, 80 telecommunication cabinets, a number of precision air conditioners and uninterruptible power supply clusters. The security systems cover the data center itself, offices and warehouse premises.

The integrated security system for the data center is based on the Cisco physical access control software and hardware solution, underpinned by the Cisco physical security access software, physical access gateway and physical security servers. The integrated software solution enables flexible access control configuration and management, security system monitoring and integration with various IT applications.

For the deployment of the video surveillance system, ARMO-LINE experts used Cisco video surveillance solution. The system collects and routes video streams from the system's network cameras; provides archiving, data backup and security; and makes it possible to sort the archive by events, movements, operator commands and automated video surveillance monitoring tours. The integration of video and access control systems allows immediate visual verification of alarms in the access system.

Cisco video surveillance network cameras installed throughout the Selectel premises capture high-quality images under various lighting conditions and are supported by PoE technology. In addition, Cisco video cameras have built-in microphones and can transmit audio signals via the IP channel. The cameras are equipped with a designed motion detection and event notification, which alerts the security system operator to any movement in the surveillance areas.

In order to provide the necessary level of security, a lock chamber is available at the data center for general control and authorization of the staff and visitors. This lock chamber validates the identification of newly arrived persons and, if they are not permitted access to the data center, temporarily locks them inside. The chamber consists of two interrelated doors, with the exit door opening only once the entry door is closed and locked, and system confirms that the visitor has the right of passage. During the security system installation, two Cisco physical access control gateways were programmed with chosen operation algorithms and installed in the lock chamber.

The data center is protected against unauthorized movement in its territory by means of RFID readers from HID and, at the entrance to the specially protected areas, biometric readers from ZK Software. The security system of the Selectel data center also uses solenoid locks from Gianni and magnetic contact door opening alarms from Smartec. To ensure operation of the security equipment during power shortages, ARMO-LINE has also provided the site with uninterruptible power supply units from APC and Altronix.
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