Washington Radiology Associates Streamlines Workflow with DigitalPersona Biometric Authentication

Washington Radiology Associates Streamlines Workflow with DigitalPersona Biometric Authentication
DigitalPersona, a provider of authentication and endpoint protection solutions, announced Washington Radiology Associates (WRA) has deployed DigitalPersona authentication software and fingerprint readers in conjunction with a new radiology information system (RIS). The DigitalPersona solution eliminates the need for staff to frequently reenter usernames and passwords to access the RIS system. In addition, the biometric authentication solution enables more accurate tracking of user logins to the RIS while streamlining the workflow.

WRA technologists perform more than 30,000 diagnostic imaging exams each month at seven outpatient offices located in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. While evaluating new RIS systems, WRA discovered that it needed a quick and secure authentication solution for their technologists to access the RIS system without having to enter in their username and password multiple times during a patient exam. WRA technologists perform hundreds of exams a day so repetitive logins would be tedious and could affect overall workflow. By adding DigitalPersona biometric authentication to the system, WRA makes it possible for technologists to simply touch a fingerprint reader when they need to access the RIS.

“The DigitalPersona solution integrates into our existing Active Directory infrastructure and was very easy to deploy,” said Michael Nguyen, IT Manager at WRA. “Our workflow is faster and more efficient with the DigitalPersona solution in place and the staff really like it.”

In addition to eliminating the need to remember and type usernames and passwords repeatedly, DigitalPersona solution helps customers improve overall IT security and user accountability. Biometric authentication more accurately ties transactions and logins to a specific employee. This improves identity assurance for users logging into IT systems, and creates a more accurate audit trail of system login information.

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