Siemens Sets Its Sights on IT

Siemens Sets Its Sights on IT

Solutions are the core of Siemens' business, as described by Frank Pedersen, CEO of Security Solutions, Siemens Switzerland.

Siemens Building Technologies boasts a large portfolio for security, which becomes even bigger with complete solutions. “We deliver our solutions via our own team,” said Frank Pedersen, CEO of Security Solutions, Siemens Switzerland. “We have partners located around the world to be close to where our customers are. If you say you need a video solution for the Jardin Building in Hong Kong, then we're your new best friend.”

The company sees an industry migration from hardware toward software-related solutions. For greater integration, it is strongly building on open standards. “Software is really the heart and soul of the integration,” Pedersen said. Siemens is an IT player in the security market.

Solutions remain consistent with Siemens' founding principles from 160 years ago. “Our corporate philosophy is that there is inherently more value in solutions, meaning we give you something and optimize it over its lifetime,” Pedersen said. “Solutions are something Siemens has learned from its founding fathers.”

Siemens prides itself on understanding applications. “We see companies come to us because they see their security in good hands and our long-term strategies,” Pedersen said. “We don't get in a market and go out two years later. Our application know-how and our longevity combined with the technology is why we will be a dominant player in the future.”

Smart security is the direction of the future. Corporate governance requires keeping tabs on what is happening with the corporation's offices worldwide. “Smart is something that gives you situational awareness, a rule engine, because inevitably something will happen,” Pedersen said. “It has to be more than just preventing things from happening. How we can react smarter and better is important.”

Road Ahead
Siemens' understanding of applications opens up its business opportunities. Its solutions are tailored to each vertical and account for regional differences. Harbors, airports, finance institutes, data centers, and pharmaceutical sites are among the large projects where Siemens has found success.

The company's global presence has improved its access to customers. Siemens is in 192 countries, with its Building Technologies division established in 51 countries and the Security group currently in 30 countries. “We have business in all major markets,” Pedersen said. “Our position in the Middle East is good.” Siemens also has the highest market share in Brazil, based on independent research.

A complete portfolio gives Siemens a competitive offering. “It is a certain value proposition to work with Siemens,” Pedersen said. “It has a higher value to say leave everything and let me integrate it.”

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