Bosch Broadens Its Market Approach

Bosch Broadens Its Market Approach

Bosch Security Systems seeks to offer stability during challenging economic times.

Instead of reacting to market conditions, it continues to invest in important areas, such as research and new product development. “We have to keep our strong position in technology,” said Gert van Iperen, President of Bosch Security Systems. “So we invest more than 10 percent of our turnover in development.”

The company is convinced that only the combination of good technology, high quality and design aesthetics will provide its products with a market-leading position. With this in mind, Bosch is carrying out a design relaunch. In the future, all new products will meet a common design principle with high recognition value and high aesthetic standards.

While Bosch Security Systems remains committed to high-end solutions, it also delivers entry-level products for customers on a budget. “We don't only talk about the big projects but also look at high-volume sales,” van Iperen said. This approach to the high- and low-end markets enables Bosch to stay profitable in an increasingly polarized industry.

Network Video
Bosch Security Systems is one of the founding members of ONVIF. “I'm very happy and also a little bit proud that we're one of the original founders,” van Iperen said.

“We said this is good for the industry, let's do this,” van Iperen said. “The concept is really flying and going forward.”

All its network video solutions conform to ONVIF standards, ensuring compatibility with third-party ONVIF surveillance products. This helps end users save on future upgrade or migration costs and provides seamless integration for installers.

Market Strategy
A clear upward trend is visible for security. While the global market for security technology fell by 13 percent, Bosch's revenue dipped about 7 percent. “In the Asia Pacific region, we are expecting a welcome rejuvenation in the market development; which is expected to grow by 14 percent in 2010,” van Iperen said.

All other regions are expected to grow in the year to come. “In Latin America, the market will grow by 11 percent. Even in EMEA, a turnaround has been achieved and we expect slow but positive growth of 1 percent,” van Iperen said. “In Eastern Europe we are seeing a market growth of 4 percent.”

The company will remain focused on innovation and standardization. “Innovation is the security of the future,” van Iperen said. “We have to keep working on standardization or else products from different industries cannot work together.”

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