Morpho Detection Cargo Screening System Meets TSA Standards

Morpho Detection, part of Morpho, Safran group's security business, added six models of X-ray screening system product line to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) air cargo screening technology list.

The detection offers aviation customers cost-effective options to meet new federal screening requirements for air cargo, including the mandate that 100 percent of cargo transported on passenger aircraft be screened to a degree consistent with security requirements for passengers' checked bags.

“Air cargo businesses have a TSA-compliant screening options for custom solutions to their X-ray system needs,” said Dennis Cooke, President and CEO, Morpho Detection. “Morpho Detection's technology-listed X-ray systems are specifically designed to meet the demanding air cargo industry requirements.”

The qualifications are part of TSA's certified cargo screening program, an initiative to employ supply chain solutions to enable air cargo industry compliance with screening regulations.

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