Mountain Secure Systems Expands Chicago Wireless Surveillance System

Mountain Secure Systems, a provider of electronics and wireless network solutions, shipped additional outdoor wireless routers to Avrio RMS Group, who will use them to expand coverage for the Chicago Police Department's (PD) video surveillance system in the 4.9 GHz public safety band. Chicago PD's video surveillance system is the largest dedicated broadband wireless video surveillance network in the U.S. To date, Mountain Secure Systems has provided Avrio RMS Group with more than 1,100 wireless routers for the Chicago PD video surveillance system.

The wireless router, which is the exclusive wireless router used by the Chicago PD, comes with a two-year warranty and offers coverage for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and wireless mesh networks for high-speed data, video and voice (VoIP) applications. Built in a manufacturing facility in the U.S. (Longmont, Colorado), the wireless router combines a broad feature set and hardware-based AES encryption, allowing systems integrators to deliver solutions.

"Our wireless routers have been in operation for more than five years for the Chicago Police Department,” said Ken Dickson, GM of Mountain Secure Systems.

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