Axis Communications Helps Chinese Power Plant Move to IP

Axis Communications Helps Chinese Power Plant Move to IP
Founded at the end of 1992, Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant is a joint-ventured coal-fired power plant with an installed base of 400,000 kilowatt, including four 25,000-kilowatt generating sets brought into production at an early stage and two 150,000-kilowatt circulating fluidized bed green generating sets brought into production in 2004. The total investment hits more than US$225 million with an annual production value of more than $150 million.

The company was looking to integrate its existing analog system with the industrial control and automation systems to take production management and scheduling to a new level by providing unified, enhanced supervising and scheduling via the network.

Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant decided to implement an integrated management system for the whole plant and the office building by migrating its existing analog system to network video. For that purpose, 150
Axis video encoders were installed. A separate control room was established in the office building for central management and decision making.
The whole system, which enabled the company to protect existing analog investments, was developed with the help of Jiana Communications, an Axis partner.

By packaging collected video signals with data signals, the video encoders made it possible to create a purpose-built platform for monitoring and scheduling management. System management and video storage are performed using the digital video management platform from Jiana Communications. Since the development of the software platform is based on a distributed architecture, the software and management functions are consolidated, providing unified management and scheduling for the plant.

By converting analog video signals into digital signals using Axis video encoders, Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant can ensure unified management and scheduling for the plant's monitoring and management system. The data, which could previously only be viewed in the form of figures, can now be shown as real-time images, thus making the production scheduling management more intuitive and easy to visualize.

With a standard web browser, authorized users can view real-time video and access data flows from any connected computers anywhere any time. Based on software analysis, managers can schedule the production planning of the plant in a more effective way.

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