Nedap Security Management System Kicks off at Ukrainian Stadium

Nedap Security Management System Kicks off at Ukrainian Stadium
The Olympic Stadium in Kiev, which will host the final of the 2012 UEFA European Championship, will be secured with Nedap's security management system.

The stadium is build in 1923 but will be completely reconstructed, making it one of the largest stadiums in Europe, the stadium is expected to be ready in Autumn 2011 and will have a capacity of 77,000 seats.

The hypermodern stadium was looking for a security system that is capable of handing both the access control and the intrusion detection for the complete stadium.

Well more than 400 doors will be secured with Convexs readers from Nedap, providing access for employees and contractors. Public access to the stadium will also be handled in the management through an integration with a ticketing system. The management functionality will be used to ensure that security managers can respond quickly and appropriately to security incidents.

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