Petards Mobile Surveillance Keeps Portuguese Traffic in Order

Petards is delighted to announce it's in-car surveillance and speed enforcement system will be helping the Portuguese traffic police continue to improve road safety throughout the country.

The latest order will see fifteen modular systems fitted to a fleet of new traffic police cars, alongside 18-zoom cameras and ProVida hard-drive recorders. The combined system allows traffic officers to record road footage as well as vehicles speeds using the police pilot time/distance measurement solution.

The systems can also be upgraded to a fully mobile ALPR solution if and when required.

Results throughout Europe show that the video evidence ProVida is able to offer, which includes target speed overlay information, can result in far fewer offence denials and improved conviction rates.

"We are pleased to be working again with the Portuguese partners and police force. ProVida has been fully tried and tested by the Portuguese traffic police, and their increased usage is down to the ongoing success of the system,” said Renzo Schettini, Channel Manager of Petards.

ProVida in-car surveillance solutions are currently used by more than 70 percent of UK police forces and have stretched to more than 20 countries as diverse as Germany and Hong Kong to Sweden and Algeria.
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