Sunell Dedicates to IP Development and Design

Sunell Technology, a leading surveillance camera supplier in China, focuses on developing network technology. With advanced and mature in-house technology conforming to open standards, Sunell launches a full series of top-notch network cameras.

As well as owning the core hardware designs, Sunell had invested lots of human resources to IP security software. Adopting ANSI C++ as develop language, provides our software with the highest portability across different OS platforms. C++ is an Object-Oriented (OO) language. Based on C++ OO feature, our software is completely layered, and modular.

Below is the layered diagram of Sunell network camera firmware. In this diagram, “Abstract Hardware Layer” is a most important layer, which make hardware platform transparent to the upper function layer software and test suites. So Sunell can quickly provide new codec or sensor powered products to market. For the third partners, they can develop upper layer software by themselves based on Sunell hardware products. Taking your investment as a long term solution, Sunell advocates its statement as your reliable partner.

Thinking of Software Seriously
The company takes software seriously, while it is simple to just write an application, you should always think of the possibility for change in respect to many elements, things like language, protocol changes, with large scale systems nowadays you cannot waste time to start from scratch for any project that comes along.

With a Code Library which is shared across not just devices but also into other applications, both hardware and software. Gives added benefits of being able to have a more effective adoption of different market products, not just the traditional CCTV application, but also into other areas such as Telephony or facilities management application suites, access control, traffic management to name but a few. Security in the IP / Digital age is vast and diverse; having a flexible ability to adopt into market sectors gives an edge and also the only future for growth.

Grid Computing CMS Middleware Principles
Sunell's CMS developing strategy is not just develop a private CMS, but develop an open middleware, By simply integrating Sunell CMS middleware, the third party developers can produce their own professional video surveillance system.

The middleware is layered and modular. All modules is independent, users can chose which they prefer and pick from a list of like a menu in a restaurant which you can stipulate your requirements; these modules will grow as Sunell develops them extending the usage into alternative areas. Like all good chiefs we are able to cook up surprises as well as offering the tried and tasted requirements. Whatever you taste Sunells CMS middleware solution can be your solution for rapid turnkey solutions.

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