AXVIEW AX-6813DA7E-18 18x Outdoor Network High Speed Dome

Test Report
1280x960 WXGA Megapixel Image Quality

Enhanced Design Ensures Heat Dissipation and Stability
The Axview AX-6813DA7E-18 features a heavier housing, ideal for reducing image shake in windy environments. This network speed dome features a double-layer housing made from aluminum. The housing design enables good heat dissipation with vents and a built-in fan. The dome cover is made from polycarbonate so the speed dome is vandal-proof. It also features a rubber ring secured by stainless steel screws for waterproofing. (Figure-1)

This network high speed dome features a fixed focus zoom camera module. A heat module inside the camera enables operation in freezing climates. Its circuit board, PCB and codec board are all designed beneath the zoom camera module, allowing easy replacement of the camera. The camera supports analog video, Internet and USB audio inputs. It includes SD and SDHC slots for local storage and image adjustment. Its design allows installers to deploy it right away, saving positioning time. (Figure-2)

WXGA and 720P High Resolution Quality
The Axview AX-6813DA7E-18 network high speed dome features an 18x varifocal lens (f=4.7mm to 84.6mm) and a Sony CCD. During testing, it reached 720P resolution at 25 fps in H.264. Streaming at the 2Mbps CBR setting, resolution reaches 650 TVL and its marginal resolution reaches 500 TVL. Its video transmission streaming is from 1.6-2.4Mbps and provides clear images.

Color saturation was realistic in images, with distinct differences in grayscale. The built-in IE browser lets users adjust the varifocal lens. Images remained crisp while switching between D1 and 720P resolution, satisfying most surveillance needs. (Figure-3)

Stable and Precise Positioning
Through built-in controls, the speed dome displayed fast and precise positioning. Its presets are accurate with quick varifocal ability. This speed dome supports 360° continuous rotation, 90° auto flip as well as -2° tilt, which is suitable for demanding applications. It also pans at speeds of 300°/s, stores more than 200 preset points, and enables cruising and pattern scanning. This speed dome allows security professionals to view and control the PTZ camera rapidly in the management software.

Stable Stream Bit Rate Control with AGC, BLC and D/N Control Function
The Axview high-speed dome delivers dual video streams in H.264 and M-JPEG. Bit rate management remains low for both static and dynamic screen displays. It is suited for most 2MB to 4MB broadband network connections. Even at D1 or 720P resolution, overall network delay was just 230 ms to 400 ms. (Figure-4, 5)

This speed dome supports AGC, AWB, Auto BLC as well as day/night auto switching. With its many functions, the speed dome delivers good image quality despite night conditions or strong backlighting. During the camera obscurer testing, the network dome features removable infrared cut filter which automatically switches between color and B/W modes as lighting conditions change. This ensures clear images — for full-featured day and night performance. (Figure-6)

Testing Equipments
16:9 HDTV Testing CHART / Multi-Meter
24 Color Test CHART / Camera Obscurer
TES Illumination Test Meter
Note Book: P-4 Dual Core RAM-4G/512MB Display
10/100/1000 Base-T 8 PORT SNMP Switch
DU Meter / Electronic Counter

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