A brief conversation with Taiwanese Storage Supplier

1. What's the company's offering? How's the major product and its edge on the market?
  - Emphasize on external storage equipment and SAN
  - iSCSI and SCSI will be largely produced for surveillance field; eSATA, USB host interface RAID are among the service
  - The products are majorly targeted for medium to high-end customers
  - Advantages: The product line is complete, each single product is specifically researched and strategically developed for potential customers. The company is committed to surveillance industry with broad exploration and thorough understanding, which has led to plenty of installation base all around the world.

2. What's the current situation in terms of sales prowess? Where the products are mostly deployed? What kind of clients use them and which verticals will adopt the offered solutions?
  - The sales breakdown reveals that 25 percent in USA, 45 percent in EMEA and 30 percent in Asia. Surveillance roughly accounts for 30 percent among all of the incomnigs.
 -  In addition to the branches established in US and China, our company has sold our product through worldwide reseller channels and OEM partnership.
 - Verticals include gaming, transportation, airport, financing and correctional facilities where a great deal of storage system is required.

3. What's the company's marketing strategies? What's core technology and how it comes from? In what kind of ways the strength could hold on? What specific countries will be the company's following stops for business development?
 - Branches, distributors and OEMs; OEM stands for 25 percent among the channels
 - Core technology could be attributed to RAID Kernel, RAID controller H/W and F/W development. Components and modules integrations.
 - RAID engine originates from alliance with leading solution providers and self-development components and modules
 - The way to keep the edge will rely on living up to customers' needs and cooperation with partners to come up with more cost-effective and user-friendly technology
 - The next target will be in Japan. Through local distributors and meeting more system integrators in exhibitions, the company plans to expand the market with 2U 2.5" storage system in Japan.

4. Compared with Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean competitors, how does the company stand out to conquer the financial downturn?
- Through cooperation with product suppliers, the company maps out solutions to cut down cost. Applying the same module to different interfaces by adding dote board could be a good way to go.
- Working with customers, providing total solutions based on various verticals through partnership or established channels will be the next efforts.

5. In terms of technology or market developing, is there any challenge or weakness the company needs to overcome?
- With the lack of IT knowledge or education, traditional surveillance clients don't have a good command of the storage solutions. Through more promotions and educations, customers who need the storage system will embrace the intelligent integration solutions.
- While the surveillance industry goes for IP, it could be expected that storage will be for IP-oriented. It is expected that iSCSI RAID will replace SCSI interface. In the way when iSCSI is still a new lesson to users, how to implement NAS or iSCSI will be a problem that should get the answers.

It's suggested iSCSI could be equipped with different bays in response to different needs, which could get rid of the problem which exists in traditional NAS that has been believed to have limited space for storage.

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