Nice Situation Management Solution Descends at US International Airport

Nice Situation Management Solution Descends at US International Airport
Nice Systems, a provider of intent-based solutions that extract insight to impact business performance, reduce financial risk and ensure safety and security, announced that the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has implemented Nice's situation management solution in its new security operations center. The center serves as the coordination hub for all airport security operations and emergency response activities. The deployment is part of a larger security upgrade project undertaken by the Armstrong International Airport to meet stringent Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security regulations. Armstrong International Airport is the first North American airport to deploy the situation management solution. Johnson Controls is the system integrator on the project.

The primary commercial airport for the New Orleans metropolitan area and southeast Louisiana, Armstrong International Airport served 7.8 million passengers in 2009. Through Nice's open architecture, the airport is able to integrate a number of third-party systems including a computer-aided dispatch system, various video solutions, a fire alarm system, an access control solution, and other security and medical/health emergency systems. The system ties all of these diverse security and safety systems together in order to correlate data and alert dispatchers in real time to incidents that require attention.

For example, a specific alert that comes from the access control system at a jet bridge, the protected passenger walkway used to board the airplane, will automatically trigger an alert from the platform, providing the operational picture in real time, including the relevant video feed, status of sensors and maps showing the location coordinates of the incident. Its framework for automating complex response workflows also ensures that dispatchers follow standard operating procedures when handling any threat or emergency.

Nice situation management solution is helping the Armstrong International Airport comply with TSA directives, specifically with respect to preventing and detecting unauthorized entry to secured areas, evaluating threats in accordance with the airport's security program, and if emergencies do occur, taking appropriate actions as specified in the airport's emergency plan.

"At Armstrong International Airport we are proud to employ security and safety technologies from many different companies, and Nice solution is the centerpiece of that," said John Lyon, Telecommunications Manager for Armstrong International Airport. "Our dispatchers are able to immediately get a single view of a situation across our many different security and safety systems, with real-time analysis and alerts, and embedded response plans to guide their actions."

"Normally it could take a year to customize a solution of this magnitude, but with Nice, we were able to accelerate the deployment and complete the initial implementation in a matter of weeks," Lyon said.

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