Unipower and DigitalPersona Biometrics Improve Operation Efficiency for UK Pubs

Unipower and DigitalPersona Biometrics Improve Operation Efficiency for UK Pubs
Unipower Solutions, a provider of hospitality PoS software, announced Giant Macaskills has deployed Unipower Bar PoS software solution with integrated fingerprint biometrics. The Unipower Bar PoS solution leverages DigitalPersona fingerprint readers to reduce cash register shrinkage and improve the operational efficiency at the Giant Macaskills three Hertfordshire pubs.

Giant Macaskills is a multiple licensee, with a chain of three 15th-century coaching Inns, which have been designed with an eclectic mix of old and new furnishings, to create a boutique pub offering. Like many licensees the turnover of staff can be high and transient. Employees are often students, part-time workers and short-term contractors. Petty theft from the till is a common problem in the pub trade.

“Pubs are a cash-based business so it's easy to lift from the till by ringing in voids and cancelling transactions. Traditional, security methods such as swipe cards and dongles can be switched, used by different staff members and lost so they are not reliable for staff cash flow accountability,” said Pete MacGaskill, MD of Giant Macaskills.

The DigitalPersona biometric fingerprint solution has solved this security issue. “The combined DigitalPersona and Unipower PoS solution has provided us with peace of mind that our cash flow will not be threatened by theft from current or former employees. Nobody forgets to bring their finger to work, whereas employees have lost, or have forgotten swipe cards and dongles in the past,” MacGaskill said.

“Whether it is for increasing security, maximizing operational efficiency or improving customer loyalty, our customers expect a solution that meets their requirements,” said John Camp, MD for Unipower Solutions.

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