OmniPerception Biometric Technology Adopted by Swedish Verticals

Face recognition expert OmniPerception is set to see its access control technology being offered to law enforcement and government agencies in Sweden.

The access control face recognition system was chosen by PEJAB, a systems integrator in Sweden as the example of the technology that it tested.

PEJAB has a number of key clients that have a need for increased access security that not only includes law enforcement agencies but sectors such as retail. A trial is also currently taking place with the Swedish prison authorities. If this is successful then the access control system could be used to help control key access areas in prisons.

“We chose the solution out of all the other solutions because it is a more superior overall security system,” said Peter Johansson, MD of PEJAB.

“The unit is also light immune and works in any light, making it ideal for a whole host of different applications in different sectors from retail to law enforcement.
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