Lighthouse Completes Acquisition of Huizhou Factory

Lighthouse Completes Acquisition of Huizhou Factory
LED display solutions provider Lighthouse Technologies announced it has completed the share acquisition of its Huizhou factory, giving it full ownership of Lighthouse Technologies (Huizhou), one of the largest LED display factories in the world. The move marks Lighthouse's continued leadership and commitment to developing the fast-growing global LED display market.

The investment brings a number of advantages not just to Lighthouse, but to China and the Huizhou area as well. With RoHS compliance, the manufacturing facility is an eco-friendly investment, well aligned with the Chinese government's low carbon development policy put forth in 2009. It's also an investment that brings some of the most advanced technology and management experience to China.

For residents of Huizhou, the facility has also been an important source of economic growth, bringing more jobs to Chinese citizens and contributing to Huizhou's GDP and government revenue. And, following the acquisition, factory employees can now receive advanced training, giving them important skills that will aid them in their career development.

Lighthouse customers will also see benefits from the investment. Full ownership allows Lighthouse to increase production capacity, improving supply efficiency while maintaining excellent quality. It also ensures a solid link between each stage of the production process, from idea conception to design to manufacturing, effectively accelerating the time-to-market.

“Lighthouse has established itself as an industry leader in the international LED display market, and we require the most advanced technologies to continue meeting market needs and to continue building our reputation,” said Peter Chan, GM at Lighthouse. “We will continue investing in our Huizhou facility as the LED screen market hold tremendous potential, with demand booming in China and around the world.”

One of the market's fastest rising industry leaders, Lighthouse has continued to strengthen its presence in Asia and in the world in 2010 with a number of big wins, including the Shanghai World Expo and several world-renowned brand stores such as Vivienne Tam, Chanel and Ermenegildo Zegna as well as the sports stadiums, Bradley Center in the U.S.
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