Avigilon Surveillance System Helps Californian Campus Prevent Crimes

Avigilon, a provider of HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that Merced College in Merced, California, has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system as part of its proactive crime prevention strategy to ensure the general welfare of staff and students on campus. By deploying the Avigilon surveillance system with its management features and image clarity, the college is able to leverage existing analog-based cameras to ease the transition from analog to HD performance as budget allows.

“A key differentiator of the system is it enables us to zoom in to examine specific details of an event while it is still recording, a feature we initially thought was too good to be true,” said Deputy Sheriff Wilde of the Merced College Police Department. “The system also delivers a major improvement in image clarity, resulting in more useable footage for greater conflict resolution. Overall, image clarity is one thousand times better than what we had before.”

Security officers at Merced College manage the surveillance system using Avigilon control center network VMS (NVMS) with HD stream management. The college installed HD megapixel cameras to monitor activity across both the Merced and Los Ba?os campuses, including several parking lots. Merced College also installed Avigilon analog video encoders to dramatically improve the performance of its existing analog cameras, which monitor the interior of several college buildings.

Since deploying the system, Merced College has investigated and resolved numerous cases of crime, vandalism and assault on campus. In one case, they caught a perpetrator in the act of stealing trim off several parked vehicles, leading to a conviction. Because of Avigilon's management tools, security staff can easily capture and review the detail needed to resolve incidents and ultimately, reduce crime to create a safe and secure campus environment.
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