Unisys Collaborates with Legic for Access Control Integration

Unisys and Legic have agreed on an expansion of their business partnership. Based on the collaboration over the last two years, Unisys, a IT service provider will offer Legic-based solutions for personal identification to new and existing customers all over Europe and beyond. The collaboration will specifically focus on the integration of physical and logical access control and the combination of different applications on a single identification credential.

With the increased availability of converged access solutions, Unisys benefits from the Legic technology as a flexible platform that fulfils the high requirements of multiapplication capability and scalability. Unisys customers will be able to increase their security standards and user convenience at the same time.

“Our Unisys security program ensures an access and security solution tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. The flexibility and modern security standards of the contactless LEGIC smart card technology platform matches our needs. This builds on our partnership that has been successful over the last two years,” said Roberto Tavano, VP, European Security Programmes of Unisys.

“Besides our presence in Asia and the U.S., we are continuously working on the further expansion of our European market presence, especially in the area of integrated solutions for physical and logical access and strong global players,” said Otto Eggimann, VP, Sales and Business Development of Legic.
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