Biometrics Technology Elaborated for DoD & DHS

Within minutes of knocking down the door of a suspected bomb maker in the Middle East, US troops can fingerprint everyone they find inside, send scans across a satellite rink and find out if the subjects are suspected terrorists. Biometrics has come a long way, so much so, that a submission from theater can be searched in the DoD automated biometric identification system (ABIS) with a response back to theater in less than two minutes.

In keeping with these developments, Harry Wechsler, Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University, spoke with Senior Editor Nick Yonker from The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) on biometrics and specifically facial recognition software. He details his facial database developed at GMU and how this type of technology can be utilized by DoD and DHS. He also talks about what he sees as biometric authentication and describes its challenges and tasks. In addition, Wechsler elaborates on the future of R&D and how it will impact future use and implementation of this technology and systems.

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