Legic Identsystems Partners with Chinese Card Manufacturer SXL Information Technology

Shenzhen SXL Information Technology, Chinese manufacturer of contactless cards and dual-interface cards, is a new licensed partner of Legic Identsystems, a provider of smart card technology for personal identification. The partnership will allow SXL Information Technology to benefit from the Legic security and to offer contactless credentials. The cards will be applied by end users for identification at access control and time and attendance readers as well as parking meter terminals.

As a manufacturer of all kinds of identification credentials, Shenzhen SXL Information Technology expands its expertise by integrating Legic technology and so reacts to the increasing demand of Legic-based products in China. The company's product portfolio involves manufacturing and personalization of cards for a large variety of applications such as access control, time and attendance and parking meter applications. Agreeing on the partnership Legic strengthens its market growth in Asia.

“We are looking forward to integrate the Legic technology. It meets customers' demands and helps us to ensure a high quality of products and to set a standard for the whole industry. It will also be a great honor to work with Legic as one of the global players in contactless identification technology”, said Shuiyang Pan, GM of Shenzhen SXL Information Technology. “The decision for Legic was an important step for our business.”

“Our partnership is based on mutual benefits. The flexibility of our technology is a decisive factor for SXL Information Technology. For Legic, this partnership is essential as it enlarges our business network in China as one of our main future markets,” said Otto Eggimann, VP Sales and Business Development of Legic. “Legic credentials will certainly gain in importance also in Asia as one of the standard technologies for personal identification.”
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