3VR Pairs with HTS to Optimize Large-Scale Security Implementations

3VR Security, a provider of intelligent surveillance and search, partnered with Hi–Tech Solutions (HTS) to enhance its security solutions for transportation and critical infrastructure implementations. By pairing HTS' image processing and computer vision technologies with 3VR's intelligent video search management platform, this partnership offers a solution to the wide range of challenges facing large-scale security implementations.
Security professionals responsible for protecting such highly-trafficked public implementations as ports, subways and airports need technologies that are responsive, flexible and highly scalable to address a growing list of threats and concerns. Heightened awareness around securing cargo shipments and eliminating freight theft, coupled with ensuring public safety and protecting critical infrastructure against growing risks without drastically impairing daily life and business, has only increased security needs in recent years. Monitoring questionable personnel behavior in critical public areas and tracking suspicious vehicles and containers as well as proactively reviewing threats and triggering alerts accordingly to avoid catastrophic incidents, are other challenges facing large-scale implementations.

HTS provides LPR, image processing and computer vision technologies that have been deployed by a diverse group of government, private highway, airport and global port terminal operators. With implementations across the U.S., as well as in Asia, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Israel, HTS technology facilitates the scanning and identification of hundreds of thousands of marine cargo containers for Homeland Security and safe city projects globally. Leveraging HTS' technologies with 3VR's video search engine that makes captured video searchable and actionable, the partnership provides a solution that is easy to integrate and deploy for large-scale initiatives such as airport security, border patrol and port management globally.

“The industry at large is facing increasingly complex issues when it comes to securing public facilities,” said Al Shipp, CEO, 3VR. “3VR is at the forefront of these developments and our video search management engine already enables security professionals to reduce fraud and apprehend criminals. By partnering with HTS, we're combining the strengths of both our offerings to improve people's safety, while providing ways for security organizations to operate more efficiently and more cost effectively.”

“With implementations in more than 40 countries worldwide, HTS has always worked to develop technology in order to supply our customers with the best possible advantages,” said Meta Rotenberg, VP of Business Development, Hi-Tech Solutions. “Our partnership with 3VR allows us to pair two technologies to arm security professionals responsible for large-scale public deployments with new solutions to address the wide range of issues they deal with every day.”
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