VIVOTEK Network Cameras Hail Christmas in Medellin

VIVOTEK Network Cameras Hail Christmas in Medellin
UNE is a diversified vendor of data transmission, voice communications and video delivery solutions for corporations in Colombia. UNE provides companies with secure and efficient services, taking advantage of its telecommunications network infrastructure, which covers the country's major cities.

One of the major projects implemented by UNE is a web-based service that allows members of the public to view footage of five sites in the city of Medellin. The project is part of program called "UNE Events" that broadcasts real-time video of important events and sites throughout Colombia.

The timing of the service's debut in November of last year was not coincidental. Medellin is renowned for its Christmas lights, and strategically placed VIVOTEK cameras in Medellin allowed people throughout the country to view the spectacle from the comfort of their homes or offices at times of their choosing.

To ensure the best possible views, a camera with zoom capabilities and the broadest possible range of capture was essential. That's why VIVOTEK's was in, which provides a 2.6x zoom module with motorized pan-focus. "The camera gives the view a greater depth of field for both nearby and distant scenes. That's for usage scenarios like UNE Events," said Albus Huang, VIVOTEK Solution Developer. Moreover, with its ability to pan through 350 degrees horizontally and tilt through 125 degrees vertically, the network camera provides a panoramic view from any of the five locations in Medellín.

According to Albus, another advantage of the camera was its wireless network. "Medellin is a big city in terms of the area it covers, and the cameras were dispersed. Without the wireless network, cabling would have been a major issue. The camera made it easy to coordinate the feeds from the different cameras from a single location." Not only does the camera provide built-in 802.11b/g WLAN capabilities, but its omnidirectional antenna ensured it was easy to site each camera for WLAN signal reception and stable connectivity once the project was up and running.
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