IBIA Optimizes Identity Management through Stakeholder Collaborations

The International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA) has expanded its mission to focus on the overall issue of determining identity. This new mandate, one which will see biometric and other technologies play an important role, has been deemed critical by the IBIA, given the rise of authentication issues facing data security, identity theft, immigration and homeland security.

Recognizing the vital role identity plays in a globally connected world, the IBIA will bring stakeholders into a single organization to collaborate on key identity management issues such as preventing identify theft, securing data and transactions for financial and healthcare institutions, protecting data in laptops and mobile phones and protecting national borders and ports.

"Without a doubt, there are many opportunities to ensure technology is used effectively and appropriately in identity management, including the banking, healthcare, telecommunications and homeland security sectors," said Walter Hamilton, IBIA Board Chairman. "The IBIA will play a critical role in addressing these issues by bringing various stakeholders together in a forum for exchanging information and ideas that will not only resolve issues and establish policy but will become a voice for advocacy and education."

One example of the recent uptick in identity management issues can be found in the 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report, released by Javelin Strategy & Research. The report found that the number of identity fraud victims in the U.S. increased 12 percent to 11.1 million adults in 2009, while the total annual fraud amount increased by 12.5 percent to $54 billion.

"With mature biometric and other technologies, we can stem the tide of identity fraud and reverse the overwhelming statistics we continue to see," said Tovah LaDier, MD of IBIA. "With the global need for identification and authentication of individuals, IBIA's mission will help consumers, businesses and governments find solutions that address business needs and enhance security, privacy, productivity and convenience."
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