Suprema Provides Biometric Scanners to Poland and Lithuania

Suprema, a provider of biometrics and ID solutions, announced that the company's palm-print live scanner has been selected for AFIS systems of Polish National Police and Lithuania's Citizenship & Migration Affairs.

Until the end of 2010, Polish National Police (Komenda G?ówna Policji) will be provided with Suprema palm-print live scanner for its nationwide criminal AFIS operation. This criminal AFIS for forensic investigation requires live scanners with selection criteria on the image quality and recognition performance and the solution was selected through 12-month field testing with a number of other vendor's devices.

The live scanner has been qualified for the standard of FBI certification and captures single flat/roll, two-finger flats, four-finger slap, writer's edge and palm prints. The device performs scanning rate of more than 15 frames per second which enables processing speed. The scanner is equipped with DSP and run by image-processing software featuring.

Suprema also won Lithuanian Government's Citizenship and Migration Affairs project. Funded by E.U., the project replaces legacy AFIS equipments with the live scanners in the nation's criminal AFIS. The Lithuanian government has a plan to develop and integrate its implemented AFIS with the E.U.'s Schengen visa information system project.
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