AMG Transmission System Facilitates UK Tunnel Traffic Flow

AMG Transmission System Facilitates UK Tunnel Traffic Flow
AMG Systems announced that its transmission system has been chosen for by the new Hindhead Tunnel on the A3 in Surrey. Using uncompressed digital transmission with dual redundancy and Ethernet in a self healing ring on a single fiber, the transmission solution will carry signals from112 cameras back to two control rooms situated in two independent service buildings. The Ethernet is used for the control signals for the PTZ camera movements. Two PTZ cameras are located at the closest junctions each side of the tunnel to monitor traffic flow leading into the tunnel. In the tunnel itself there are 110 cameras; 46 PTZ cameras and 66 fixed cameras.

PDS Limited is responsible for the design of the surveillance solution, the SCADA control system and system integration with a number of the other tunnel systems for the Hindhead project. “The Hindhead tunnel is a benchmark project because this is the first time that a project of this kind is using a fiber-optic backbone. The backbone is 1 GB per second and carries signals from all the various tunnel systems,” said Gary Parker, PM of PDS. “The entire solution has been designed with built-in redundancy, a minimum of 25 percent of the total capacity is reserved for future expansion, both for fiber backbone as well as for the transmission equipment. Future expansion in camera count can be facilitated using AMG's drop and insert technology”.

The A3 Hindhead project is included in the government's program of major schemes. The project will complete the dual carriageway link between London and Portsmouth and remove a major source of congestion, particularly around the A3/A287 traffic signal controlled crossroads. The new road will be four-mile long and includes 1.1-miles twin bored tunnels under the Devil's Punch Bowl. When completed, the A3 Hindhead project will deliver journeys on a safer road, and remove much of the present peak time "rat-running" traffic from unsuitable country roads around Hindhead. It includes the closure of the existing A3 around the Devil's Punch Bowl, bringing environmental benefits to an internationally prized area. The center of Hindhead will be freed from the daily gridlock that blights the area, with the result that the project will bring benefits to road users, local residents and the environment.
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