Hirsch and Tracewell Reach Agreement for Technology Partnership

Hirsch, a security systems manufacturer and a business unit of Identive Group, and Tracewell Systems announced a strategic alliance to deliver security solutions to government and industry. The joint development and marketing relationship has resulted in new product line: network-ready, secured and mobile cabinets that control access to drawer content, monitor access transactions and alarms, and, if used to store laptop computers, connect each drawer's computer to the network to enable remote management of software, patches and power. The models have been deployed at U.S. Air Force bases to secure and update their laptops hosting electronic technical manuals for aircraft maintenance.

"The product line has applications in several market segments," said Rob Harris, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tracewell. "Since both Tracewell and Hirsch have the Air Force as a current customer, we codeveloped these first models to the Air Force's specifications. "

"Tracewell and Hirsch partnered in this joint development because together we could offer a product that solves a big market problem, which is how to secure critical assets in demanding environments, yet keep them mobile and easily accessible for authorized users," said Scott Elliott, Director of Government Sales, Hirsch. "We see the partnership with Tracewell resulting in solutions that fit the challenging and exacting requirements of DoD/military environments as well as aerospace, telecom, medical, industrial and even some commercial markets."

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