Cooper Industries Acquires Hernis Scan Systems

Cooper Industries signed an agreement to acquire Hernis Scan Systems (Hernis), a Norway-based manufacturer of surveillance systems for use in harsh and hazardous environments. Hernis specializes in the manufacture of explosionproof surveillance systems certified for use in onshore and offshore oil and gas, marine and petrochemical markets worldwide. Subject to obtaining approval from the shareholders of Vislink, and receipt of regulatory approvals, Hernis would become part of the Cooper Safety division of Cooper Industries.

"This will be the fourth acquisition we have made into our explosionproof harsh and hazardous environment platform and demonstrate our commitment to enhancing our portfolio with additional technology and capability,” said Kirk Hachigian, Chairman and CEO, Cooper Industries. "Additionally, this strategic acquisition will support our globalization initiative, as Hernis has a global presence in the explosionproof surveillance market including strong market positions in both Europe and Asia."

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