Oberthur Technologies Keeps Providing Smart Cards to CLEAR Program

Oberthur Technologies, a provider for the delivery of security solutions and smart cards to the U.S. Federal government, has been selected to provide its smart card to members of CLEAR, Alclear's trusted traveler program.

CLEAR offers members speed and predictability through airport security by partnering with airports to provide a designated solution at security checkpoints. Members present their card solutions, manufactured by Oberthur Technologies, which feature encrypted biometrics including fingerprints and iris images. By matching their fingerprints or iris images to the information on the card, the CLEAR member's identity is verified.

"We're pleased to have Oberthur Technologies as a partner in the new CLEAR program," said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of Alclear.

Oberthur Technologies began production of the cards in October. The program first launched at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and is scheduled to launch at the Denver International Airport (DEN). Future plans for the card may include adding supplementary functionality such as a payment application for users.
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