Cisco Foreruns in IPv6 with IT Infrastructure Certifications

Cisco leads in total USGv6 certification for routers, switches and firewalls, aligning with President Barack Obama's recent directive that all US government agencies upgrade their IT infrastructures in support of IP version 6 (IPv6), as the remaining pool of IPv4 addresses shrinks. In addition to certifying its routers, switches and firewalls, Cisco introduced new features in its series routers, use cases and services to help customers transition to IPv6. Additionally, Cisco is the first technology vendor to be certified by the IPv6 forum to offer IPv6 education and certification for information technology professionals.

Trends including the explosive growth of mobile devices, new video, virtualization and energy management applications and a growing network of endpoints controlled and monitored by computer systems, such as smart electrical grids, require the Internet's overall architecture to evolve. The new IPv6 protocol will help meet the global requirements of organizations of all sizes in all industries to support an expanding numbers of users, applications, devices and services. Several countries such as Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and the U.S. are transitioning to IPv6 to meet this growing demand.

Cisco has pioneered IPv6 technology since its inception in 1996. Through leadership in developing standards on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and integrating IPv6 into its technology portfolio, Cisco has prepared for this major transition.

Cisco has achieved more USGv6 routing, switching, and security certifications, required for all products purchased by U.S. government civilian agencies, than any other vendor.

Cisco has developed IPv6 services to help customers transition to IPv6 with a portfolio designed to meet customer needs throughout the network lifecycle, from planning and design to deployment and optimization. A phased approach enables customers to adopt IPv6 in a controlled and safe manner while reducing risk to their business.

The IPv6 forum has recognized Cisco's networking portfolio with gold certifications for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE routing and switching. Cisco is the first vendor to be certified by the IPv6 forum to offer IPv6 education and certification to help ensure that the technical community is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to design, deploy, operate and troubleshoot IPv6 networks and applications.

"Government agencies, institutions and commercial companies around the world are committed to the operational deployment and use of IPv6. Our leadership underscores an architectural commitment to IPv6 across the board from our devices to our applications and professional services," said Brad Boston, Senior VP, Global Government Solutions Group, Cisco.

"The need for networking talent capable of designing, managing and implementing IPv6 will grow in importance as the availability of IPv4 network addresses is depleted. With education and certification program that has been recognized by the IPv6 forum as gold standard, we have added another critical component to our initiative to help our partners and customers transition to IPv6 and accelerate the development of the information economy," said Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, VP and GM, Learning@Cisco.
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