Norbain Streamlines UK Motorway Traffic Flows

Norbain Streamlines UK Motorway Traffic Flows
Helping to ensure traffic flow runs as smoothly as possible over stretches of motorway roadworks, Norbain has supplied products for a series of temporary camera systems.

Installing more than 200 cameras in the sector last year, P&D Specialist Services design and build surveillance systems for the highways industry, providing on-site Traffic Safety and Control Officers (TSCOs) with invaluable information regarding incidents, accidents and on-site vehicle recovery operations.

As a result of a motorway's hard shoulder being used as a “running lane”, in the event of a breakdown or accident, motorists may have nowhere to stop safely to summon assistance. This is where P&D's surveillance systems come in. Offering real-time overviews of an entire stretch of works, their solution employs Pelco PTZ cameras with wipers, spaced at 500-meter intervals and linked back to a manned 24/7 on-site control cabin.

Fiber-optic cables are used to cope with the long-distance transmission. "We follow a largely modular approach to get the whole system set up with minimal fuss," said Frank Gearon, P&D Specialist Services. "We've been handling electrical projects in this sector for more than 20 years, and we're very experienced in what is needed and the best way to achieve it."

DVRs and video distribution amplifiers are sited in the control cabin. Footage can be viewed on Vista monitors and is held for 31 days before being overwritten. As well as monitoring motorists, Vista day/night cameras are used at site compounds for security purposes. "We use Norbain to supply all this kit for a number of reasons," Gearon said. "They have a large stock holding and gave us the delivery our projects demand. We can provide Norbain with a schedule of equipment and events, and they'll hold the stock we need and deliver it when it's required. Another important factor is the account management we receive, providing the support we need across many brands."
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