Xtralis Detection System Soars at Indian Airport Terminal

Xtralis Detection System Soars at Indian Airport Terminal
Xtralis, a provider of solutions for detection of fire, gas and security threats, announced that its warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system has been deployed to protect business continuity at Delhi Airport Terminal 3.

The air transportation hub has the capacity to handle 34 million passengers annually. With eight levels 28 meters above the ground laid over four square kilometers, the terminal boasts more than 90 automated walkways and 78 aerobridges. It is rated as the eighth largest airport in the world and the largest public building constructed in India since Independence.

The system was specified for Delhi Airport Terminal 3 because it protecs large, open spaces where smoke will be diluted, an effect compounded by air-conditioning systems. “Xtralis solution is for early warning fire detection,” said Prabhakara Rao, CEO of Airport Development, GMR Group, the developer of Delhi Airport Terminal 3. “And because of the new terminal's design with multiple levels, we knew the solution would meet our system design requirements.”

“Xtralis takes great pride in helping to protect the transportation hubs, and we're pleased that the system was recognized as the best choice to protect the new terminal at Delhi Airport,” said Samir Samhouri, President and CEO of Xtralis.
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