Making it All Together

Sunell Technology is dedicated to camera development. Its robust R&D capabilities make it one of the leading camera companies in China. Michael Archer, PM at Sunell Technology, talks more about company's future R&D plans.

Sunell is highly regarded and known for selling video surveillance products for years. However, it less well-known that Sunell has been involved in many emerging markets around the world as well as with small projects inside mainland China. The structure of the company is more than a set of divisions, but a knowledge pool of ideas. With the ability to share among technical divisions, Sunell is able to provide total solutions with fewer resources, compared to similar companies. Just throwing people at a problem or a task does not always yield a successful conclusion. The saying, “Too many cooks can spoil the broth,” springs to mind.

One emerging area for video surveillance is challenging environments for monitoring. With this in mind, Sunell has a digital processing anti-fog technology which can be seamlessly fitted into many different products, from megapixel PTZ to even the latest Effio-P solutions. The ability to increase visibility adds value to any installation where bad weather is a problem. Most road accidents are due to adverse weather conditions, and providing more robust images in such conditions has great value.

Standards: ONVIF
ONVIF is becoming a must in terms of product offerings, with more than 200 companies now supporting this alliance. ONVIF brings the software side of IP to a level that everyone can have the choice, from NVR applications to intelligent video analytics. With the integration of many providers, security software vendors and NVR manufacturers, end users are sure to benefit from the ONVIF standard.

ONVIF has shown it is not a static standard, with updated specifications making their way. These updates offer added features for what is becoming an established format.

Present and Future: IP Range
Sunell now has a comprehensive range of IP products, fitting each gap one step at a time. Current solutions range from base level sensor technology from D1, 1.3-megapixel CCD, 2-megapixel CCD, 2-megapixel CMOS and 5-megapixel CMOS. Each sensor comes with a comprehensive product range, from box cameras, dome cameras, IR cameras, PTZ cameras and also zoom modules. The full IP range is ONVIF-compliant and features Sunell's world-class SDK for specialist applications.

Sunell is stepping up with its own CMS system to introduce high level monitoring software to customers. This can be a cost-effective solution for some market sectors, where cost can be as important as quality.

The latest development is Sunell's NVR system. This will be a stand-alone IP server/CMS solution out the box, ready to plug and ready to run. It is the final part of the total solution for IP security.

Megapixel in the Making — Making Sense of It
With every advancement in technology, there is a new breed of winners. IP and megapixel technology are here to stay.

While most camera manufacturers use CMOS technology from a third party for their cameras, Sunell has developed megapixel CMOS image sensors, as well as CCDs in both 1.3-megapixel and 2-megapixel formats. There are few companies who would invest R&D resources to make a megapixel zoom module for PTZ network cameras. Sunell takes the technology leap and does not use off-theshelf ready-made components.

This gives clients assurance that they are getting a real manufactured product from Sunell. Sunell's long-term strategy is to listen to customers, look into the future and never forget the present or the past. The company slogan is “Your reliable partner,” which is Sunell's guiding principle for work ethics and business practices.

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