Research and Markets: North American Security Network Storage Gains Traction

Research and Markets has added Frost & Sullivan's report entitled "North American Physical Security Network Storage Market" to their offering.

This study covers the state of the North American physical security network storage market, examining challenges, drivers and restraints for growth, technology, pricing and distribution trends. Following these, market growth for total market, direct attached storage, networked attached storage and storage area networks segments are forecasted. In addition, an analysis of the situation including vendors' market shares is performed. The base year is 2009 with forecasts running through 2016. The market is further divided into vertical markets such as government, enterprise, retail, education, healthcare and others are provided with market size and growth forecasts.

Innovations in networking, storage, virtualization, online storage and compression technologies are spearheading growth in the North American physical security network storage market. The future of storage for physical security lies in the network storage market. Physical-security end users are migrating from analog security systems to IP-based ones because of the higher ROI when compared to analog-based systems. Falling prices and greater level of innovations among the IP-based physical security systems is helping the shift to a more IP-centric systems requiring network-based storage. Integrated security management offers huge potential for network storage systems in physical security. Security systems can be incorporated into enterprise databases to expedite business productivity, paving the way for the creation of new applications. The increase in the number of video channels per installation and the resolution of the cameras are some of the primary reasons for the growth of data in video surveillance applications, notes the analyst of this research service. Among the various physical security subsystems, video surveillance requires maximum storage space owing to increase in the amount of video data being stored; this promises to drive the growth of storage systems.

Although market prospects look upbeat, there are some challenges curtailing forward momentum. The 2009 economic downturn, combined with the reduction of capital expenditure budgets, will impact the overall marketplace for network storage in physical security during the short term. Enterprise and retail end users are less likely to invest in major capital expenditure installations due to the high-upfront costs involved. Despite the economic downturn, physical-security needs cannot be ignored and the security industry must market the shift to IP-based storage based on the increased set of features and functionalities. Physical security will always remain high on the agenda of both the government and the enterprise segments. As end users weigh the benefits of expenditures for installation and implementation of updated and advanced technology against existing infrastructure, recovery in this sector is expected to begin in 2010.

“For participants in this space, focusing on the benefits of IP-based physical-security systems supported by network storage systems can facilitate growth in this industry segment,” analyst said. Providing case studies that highlight improvements to operational efficiency, effectiveness and compliance to regulatory requirements would ramp up market growth potential. With the North American economy in recovery mode, capital investments will be slow. However, increased automation and utilization of technology will put the market on the fast track to progress.
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