Infinova Watches over Indian Toll System

Infinova Watches over Indian Toll System
Infinova announced that peripheral ring roads, expressways, interchanges and toll plazas on the outskirts of Bangalore developed by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) will use a variety of Infinova cameras as part of a customized independent vision-based solution created by Infinova and Deepti Electronics & Electro-Optics (DELOPT) to be installed at all eight plazas and their 106 total toll lanes.

"Since the plazas are located throughout the entire length of the highway, it was difficult for management to manage tolls and control revenue pilferage,” said Milind Borkar, VP Sales for India and the Middle East, Infinova. “With wide range of cameras, we are able to provide NICE with exactly what has been needed for each specific section of the highway.”

Infinova's IR illuminated IP65-rated cameras will be used for lane monitoring. These 111 cameras will watch over each and every lane, automatically capturing images and license plate details of all vehicles passing, and then passing on the images for recording all around the clock. These cameras will be connected to DELOPT's image camera module (ICM) which includes additional information such as lane ID, user ID, date and time details which are overlaid onto the image nondestructively. A live feed of the lane cameras will be also provided to the toll collection stations.

At bigger plazas, nine Infinova PTZ cameras will be installed to monitor traffic while, at smaller plazas and administrative buildings, 52 Infinova network fixed dome cameras will be used. The VMS at each plaza will record the video feeds from its cameras and provides playback and extract options. At the tollbooths, images caught by the ICM will also be stored in the plaza server to compare with data from PoS transactions from each lane of that plaza.

All cameras can be monitored from the control center through the system's wireless infrastructure.
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