Morpho Detection Upgrades Baggage Screening at HKIA

Morpho Detection Upgrades Baggage Screening at HKIA
Morpho Detection, part of Morpho, Safran group's security business, has been contracted to install four explosives detection systems (EDS) by Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), the operator of Hong Kong International Airport.

The new installation of systems will replace the airport's existing deployment of Morpho Detection's scanners. Both models use computed tomography imaging technology. The EDS offers higher resolution on-screen images, allowing system operators to make smarter, safer and faster decisions. Cleared baggage can be sent on to its destination while potential threats, including homemade and improvised devices, can be readily identified for further inspection.

Hong Kong International Airport has been recognized for the quality of service delivered. Named the “World's Best Airport” among facilities serving more than 40 million passengers annually for the past three years by Airports Council International, the airport has relied for years on Morpho Detection's detection solutions to ensure passenger safety and cargo security.
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