Pelco and Zenitel Enter Technology Partnership

Pelco by Schneider Electric and Zenitel, supplier of the security communication systems, integrated Zenitel solution with Pelco video security cameras and systems. This integration provides a security system that allows security personnel to both see and hear what's taking place in any situation or emergency.

“We are very excited by this integration. Our development teams worked together to establish an integration between the two platforms, which helps us to provide the solutions our customers are asking for,” said Dave deLisser, Director of Integration and Partnering at Pelco.

“What Zenitel system does is provide the ‘voice of security.' We have taken the power of the system and linked it to the integrated platform, with Zenitel system bidirectionally giving its power into Pelco's security system,” said Dan Rothrock, Senior VP from Zenitel.

According to company management, the integrated system works by linking all cameras, monitors and intercom stations. So when audio communication is established, this integration allows the switching matrix to either display HD video streams from cameras to monitors or set up an audio link, depending on the camera being viewed.

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