M2SYS and H.P.C. Partner Up for Western African Market

M2SYS Technology, a fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein biometrics research and development firm, has partnered with H.P.C. Informatique, a computer reseller in the West African nation of Benin, to meet the growing demands for biometric technology in the region. The partnership is designed to combine the biometric fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein technology prowess of M2SYS with the resource of H.P.C. to deliver biometric solutions that meet the demand for information security, identity protection and public safety.

H.P.C. will carry M2SYS' fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein biometric readers, biometric time clock and enterprise biometrics suite, a single sign-on biometric password management and network security system. These biometric technology solutions can be deployed in areas such as health care identification, information security, integration into identification documents and public safety.

“M2SYS continues to focus on deploying practical biometric fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein technology solutions that address the growing concerns over information security and public safety,” said Mizan Rahman, CEO of M2SYS. “Our market experience and technology combined with the flexibility and diversity of H.P.C.'s network of resources and strategic capabilities provides an opportunity to fuel the widespread growth of biometric technology in the West African sub region.”

“Although there is trepidation about deploying biometric solutions as a mainstream tool to protect information and secure public safety, we are optimistic of the potential that this partnership creates to educate the government and public about the benefits of this technology,” said Hisham Hajj of H.P.C.

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