ESI Joins Xtralis' ADPRO Advantage Partner Program

Xtralis, a provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of security threats, has welcomed ESI as the first expert integrator to join its ADPRO Advantage Partner Program.

The ADPRO Advantage Partner Program is a new initiative that will see Xtralis partner with a small number of highly expert integrators to work with them on introducing its latest ADPRO V3100 Hybrid transmission and recording technology into central monitoring stations (CMS).

The program is designed to leverage the ADPRO installed base and to provide confidence to buyers of Open Protocol CMS software systems that are optimized for use with ADPRO local recording and transmission units.

“Xtralis is recognized as a key provider in the remote monitoring sector,” said Philippe Camilleri, MD, ESI. “In joining the program, we are committed to working in close partnership with Xtralis to deliver the latest ADPRO technology to our customers. We are delighted to be working together to integrate our solutions into the successful product portfolio.”

Paul Dodds, ESI Country Manager, UK and Africa, agreed, “We are pleased to be the first ADPRO Advantage Partner to join the scheme, which cements a close working relationship between ESI and Xtralis. The partnership has already started on a strong foot, as we were the first to fully integrate the new V3100 Hybrid analog and IP transmission and recording technology into our CMS solutions.”

Colin Rogers, Global Solutions Marketing Manager for Xtralis, added: “The ADPRO Partner Program has been built around a small number of targeted, specialist integrators. As ESI is recognized as a leading European provider of integrated command and control room software solutions, and ADPRO is renowned among CMS software providers as the technology of choice, the partnership underlines a true synergy between the two brands. We look forward to a close working partnership.”
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