Geutebruck's new GStore is set to incentivize innovation and generate a win, win, win situation

Geutebruck's new GStore is set to incentivize innovation and generate a win, win, win situation
Geutebruck, the German video system manufacturer has hit on an idea for improving the functionality of its systems by adopting and adapting what mobile device manufacturers are doing. It has opened an online store to sell certificated software applications or ‘apps' which add value for its system users. The new GStore is set to incentivize innovation by enabling outside software developers to fully exploit their developments by marketing proven software solutions to Geutebruck system-users worldwide.

The launch of Geutebruck's GStore opens a whole new world of opportunity to CCTV users and software developers alike. From now on any external developer who produces a piece of software to add functionality to a Geutebruck CCTV system also has the option of marketing it through the GStore as a certificated product under the Geutebruck banner. This enables him to reach a large international market and take his share of the income generated.

As the GStore grows, end-users will be able to buy software solutions for a wide variety of specialist problems – off-the-shelf customizations if you will. These include software solutions which have been developed to solve specific problems which occur in particular industries or regions or associated with particular activities, as well as niche products devised by external developers simply because they think there will be a demand for them among Geutebruck system users.

The GStore is great for developers because it gives them access to Geutebruck sales and marketing channels to expand their markets; it allows them to use Geutebruck as a reference to promote their project work, and at the same time it protects their solution with a rigorous licensing system. It is great for end-users too, because it expands the functionality of Geutebruck CCTV systems and increases the level of integration. And of course it's good for Geutebruck because it provides incentives for external developers to produce solutions which improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. A real win, win, win situation.

The GStore concept is viable because Geutebruck has always had an open system policy and provides customers and their outside developers with free software development kits and free technical assistance. There are consequently lots of developers across the world who have experience in producing useful software features and functions for Geutebruck systems.

Shown at ‘Security' in Germany in October, the first product available through this online store is G WalknView, a mobile access solution for iPhone and iPad. It was produced by MediaLAN, a software developer in Dresden in response to several project requests. The developer believes there is significant market potential for his product, and selling it through Geutebruck sales and marketing channels and under the Geutebruck brand will enable it to reach the maximum number of potential purchasers. The certification process was not onerous. He had already agreed the functionality of the solution with Geutebruck and just needed to provide documentation outlining customer benefits, function(s), features, and a technical overview.

G WalknView is a streaming application enabling live streams and recorded images from Geutebruck's GeViScope and re_porter digital video monitoring systems to be displayed on a network-connected mobile iPhone or iPad. It streams video straight into the built-in Safari browser and allows users to quickly check out the current situation for themselves. It even supports the remote, touch-screen control of dome or pan & tilt cameras. G WalknView is easy to install and its operation is intuitive and familiar to iPhone and iPad users. You can try it now on your own iPhone. At you can view and control a demonstration CCTV system. The login is ‘iphone' and the password is ‘iphone'. Or go to and click the ‘Quick Link' to the GStore for more information.

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