Morpho Becomes the Forefront of Indian Biometric Identity Project

Morpho's technology played a key role in the issuance of the first 12-digit Unique Identification Authority of India's (UIDAI) number during the inauguration ceremony for the Aadhaar project by the Indian Prime Minister. This marks the official launch of the largest biometrics-based identity project and a major leap for India's development. Morpho (Safran group) has been at the forefront of this effort as the biometrics technology provider for deduplication of the very first numbers.

The program is designed to provide a secure identity to all Indian residents, based on the latest generation biometric technologies including fingerprint and iris recognition. As part of this project each Indian resident will be assigned an identification number. This number will not only enable secure access to benefits and services like education, telecom, medical care, banking and financial services but also political and economic rights for the residents of India.

Currently among the project's three successful bidders, selected following an extensive qualification process, Mahindra Satyam/Morpho is the only Indian company-led consortium that has deduplicated thousands of biometric records at the UIDAI center in Bangalore using Morpho's technology.
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