Pelco IARC Selected for Governmental Network Security Efforts

Pelco management announced that the company's Information Assurance team has been selected and reorganized as the Information Assurance Resource Center (IARC) to support the Schneider Electric North America organization in its government network security compliance efforts.

Increasingly aware of potential susceptibilities to their network infrastructures, government entities and private companies alike are demanding that systems residing on their networks must meet set security compliance standards. The new Schneider Electric IARC has been expanded to provide knowledge, leadership and services that enable Schneider Electric businesses to meet stringent, mandatory U.S. Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation requirements.

“I am excited about this new direction, which will allow us to effectively enable Information Assurance Compliance activities to meet our goals and the goals or our customers,” said Danny Graves, Director, Information Assurance Resource Center.

“Schneider Electric is aware that compliance with Information Assurance standards for large systems, whether in video security, buildings automation or for integrated systems, become quite intricate and potentially long in coming. We are committed to the structure, the people and the processes that are necessary to meet government network security requirements in an efficient and timely fashion,” said Mike Bielby, Director of Buildings Labs, Schneider Electric Buildings R&D Division
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