Gemalto Revolutionizes African Passport with Complete Solution

Gemalto Revolutionizes African Passport with Complete Solution
Gemalto, a supplier for digital security, delivered a complete solution for the Moroccan Mint: Dar As-Sikkah (Bank Al Maghrib), for the Kingdom of Morocco's biometric passport program.

The Gemalto solution includes the secure operating system as well as the electronic covers with an integrated contactless microprocessor, containing the holder's digital fingerprint and photo. The company also provides its turnkey personalization solution, in addition to installation, training and maintenance services.

For citizen data acquisition, Gemalto provides the Ministry of Interior with its enrolment solution in cooperation with its Moroccan partner Netopia, an integration services company for the public sector. In addition, Gemalto has implemented a skill transfer process for Netopia in order to accompany the project's start-up.

With this program, the Kingdom of Morocco is the first country outside of the EU to issue new-generation biometric passports including Extended Access Control (EAC) in accordance with European specifications.

"A long-term partnership between Dar As-Sikkah, Gemalto and Netopia has been created through this program," said Lahcen Hadouni, Head of Dar As-Sikkah. "The project's success reflects the close fit between the various players and the sustained commitment shown by a multidisciplinary team."

"Netopia is delighted to have contributed, alongside Gemalto, to this project's success," said Zaki Narjisse, Chairman and CEO of Netopia. "This partnership will open up greater possibilities for cooperation both in Morocco and other countries."

"This is the first time electronic passports have been issued in the Maghreb Region, and this initiative highlights Morocco's commitment to establishing itself at the forefront of technological innovation," said Jacques Seneca, Executive VP, Gemalto. "By supplying an end-to-end solution, cooperating with its partner Netopia, Gemalto takes full responsibility for its delivery and implementation, enabling customers to focus on their core business."
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