Entelec Control Systems Surveillance Cameras Petrol around French Commune

Entelec Control Systems Surveillance Cameras Petrol around French Commune
Ville de Puteaux, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France, is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe. It goes without saying this town is in need of some security, access and intrusion management. This is why Entelec Control Systems will come in, working together with Novadis.

The available land area in Puteaux measures 3.19 kilometers and is inhabited by 44,278 people, which means there are 13,880 Putéoliens living per square kilometer. The commune's density is high and "La Défense", the major business district of the Paris metropolitan area, spreads over the northern part of Puteaux. Since there are so many people living here, video surveillance is necessary. Cameras were installed to secure public buildings, protect civilians and tourists to withstand vandalism and terrorism.

In order to monitor all the cameras, an integration platform was needed. Novadis, one of the subcontractors of the project, ordered the drivers, clients and servers from Entelec. Our partnership with Novadis is relatively new as this is the first time we work together. Their growth is established on the implementation of innovative technologies and in offering services to companies, such as engineering, consultancy and technical assistance. Novadis' solutions are based on open, integrated and evolutionary systems in order to obtain an information system in global security.

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